Kiwanis Corvallis Foundation

The Corvallis Kiwanis Foundation (TCKF) is a 501(c)(3) corporation that was incorporated in July 1973 by the two Corvallis-area Kiwanis clubs: the Kiwanis Club of Corvallis and the Kiwanis Club of Corvallis Sunrisers.  Donations made to the Foundation do qualify as charitable contributions according to both State and Federal requirements.

Primary purposes of The Foundation are:

                      *  To assist all persons to have successful, enriched and meaningful lives;

                      *  To assist young people in attaining vocational and scholastic excellence;

                      *  To assist individuals with disabilities in achieving meaningful work,

                           independence, integration and inclusion;

                      *  To assist other deserving individuals and organizations in charitable,   

                           educational, scientific research and other humanitarian purposes with

                           financial and/or other means of assistance;

*  To support and encourage projects and programs which will, in the

                           judgment of the Officers and the Board of Directors of The Foundation,

                           improve the quality of life in the greater Corvallis area.

   We are now accepting applications for funding in 2022 and all applications must be received by The Foundation no later than December 15, 2021 to be eligible for consideration for funding in 2022.

   We are a relatively small foundation, so most of our gifts are for modest amounts and the actual amounts granted are based upon available funds.  Funding for approved allocations will occur in February 2022.

The Corvallis Kiwanis FoundationTCKF)


Name of Organization: __________________________________________________       Date: _____________

Person and Title making Application: _______________________________________      Phone: ________________

E-mail address (please write clearly): ________________________________________

Address of Applicant: ____________________________________________________

                        City: ________________________       Zip Code: ____________

Are you a Non-Profit Organization?    Yes_____    No ____

Your Non-Profit EIN Number: ________________________

Is this a request for a special project_____ or a General Budget_______?  (Please check one)

If this is in support of a General Budget, please provide a copy of your budget.

Amount being requested $____________ If for a Project, total budget? $______________

Have you applied for support of this project from one of our two Corvallis Kiwanis Clubs or one of their committees in the last year (Oct.2020- Sept. 2021)?  Circle Yes or No.  If “yes” how much did you receive?   $_________________________ .

Do you receive Federal Funding for your organization?  If so what % of your budget is federally supported?

Other sources of funding for your Project?     Please attach a list.

We are a Benton Co. Foundation and we do understand that some organizations provide services to both Benton & Linn Co.  Please provide the number of individuals and the % of people served in Benton or Linn County who will benefit from this grant request? ______________________________________________________________

Date funding is needed? ___________     Expected Project completion date? _____________

Brief description of what the funding is for.  Please include number of people being served and geographic area of services.   You may include a one-page summary of your Project and/or your organization with this application: Can be attached.




Send Application to:       The Corvallis Kiwanis Foundation

                                         3700 NW Marshall Drive

                                         Corvallis, OR 97330

E-mail Application or questions to:


Please report back the success of your project no later than May 15, 2022